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    LEVEL 1 & 2

    New to chess or familiary with chess basics.
    4 Classes - 3250 ₹
    8 Classes - 5900 ₹
    For Two or More Students
    8 Classes - 2950 ₹

    LEVEL 2

    Novice or Online Rated Player
    8 Classes - 5900 ₹
    4 Classes - 3250 ₹

    LEVEL 3

    4 classes per month
    Tournament Player
    4 Classes - 3600 ₹
    8 Classes - 7080 ₹

    LEVEL 4

    FIDE /USCF: BELOW 1200
    4 Classes - 3600 ₹
    8 Classes - 7080 ₹

    LEVEL 5

    FIDE /USCF: Above 1200
    4 Classes - 4500 ₹
    8 Classes - 8900 ₹

    LEVEL 6

    FIDE /USCF: Above 1600

    Free Demo Class

    We provide free demo class for all new students before enrollment . It would be fixed with the coach who would be providing training for the student . A demo class typically lasts for 20-30 minutes . The demo class helps us understand the student and ascertain the level he is in , it helps the parent to understand our values and method of teaching before enrolling.

    Daily Tournaments

    We conduct online tournaments everyday (except on Monday's ) for Unrated category and special training tournaments on weekends for all levels. Tournaments are conducted in LICHESS platform in two categories1.Unrated ( for beginners ) and 2. Rated ( for intermediate and advanced players ). Students get to play with other students of our academy and with rated players from outside . Tournaments are conducted in the time format 10+5

    Parents Orientation Sessions and Feed Back Sessions

    We provide puzzles and other quality study materials to students in all levels . We introduce and guide our students through quality online study materials available in various platforms .We also guide students in accessing study materials appropriate for them .


    We offer a wide collection of chess books for our students through our library . Our library contains a wide variety of quality chess books carefully chosen by our mentors .It contains books for  all levels of players   and is accessible for all our students.

    Study Materials

    We provide puzzles and other  quality study materials  to students in all levels . We introduce and guide our students through quality online study materials available in various platforms .We also guide students in accessing  study materials appropriate for them .

    At the end of the course , we conduct assessments and provide course certificate to our students


    "I am convinced, the way one plays chess always reflects the player’s personality. If something defines his character, then it will also define his way of playing."

    Vladimir Kramnik
    Power Packed

    Our Team

    We are a team of experienced FIDE Rated Chess players. Our coaching is not limited to online & classroom coaching, we also guide students to bring their game to the various tournaments happening nationally and internationally. Sign up for Demo Class with one of our trainers!
    GM Srinath Narayanan
    Guest Faculty
    Grand Master In Chess.
    FIDE ELO : 2540.
    Former World Under-12 Champion.
    Current Trainer of GM Nihal Sarin. Three-time Asian Junior Champion.
    Vice Captain of Indian Olympiad Team.
    IM Viani Antonio D’Cunha
    Guest Faculty

    International Master in chess.
    FIDE ELO : 2397.
    Ekalavya award winner.
    Many years experience in chess coaching

    Guest Faculty

    FIDE ELO : 2213
    PEAK FIDE Rating : 2405
    1st International Norm (Paris 2018)
    Karnataka State Open FIDE Tournament 2021 Second place.
    Karnataka State Under 25 Champion 2017 and 2015

    Hinduja Reddy
    Chess Trainer

    FIDE ELO : 1881
    National Women’s Bronze Medalist 2014.
    Multiple times AP State Women’s Champion.


    Students  Accomplishments

    Student Achievements

    Students  Accomplishments

    Meher Prem

    Won the Yorkshire Junior Grand Prix Online Tournament 2021


    Finished 1st in 34th Children’s Chess Championship (category: girls)

    Vaibhav Anand

    Won 4th prize in under 12 category in Changampuzha Chess Tournament held at Edapally on 20th August, 2022

    Pranav Chandra Mohan

    FIDE RATING : 1261

    Student, GM CAMP


    Won 3rd prize in U8 age category on 31st CUSAT International Fide Rated Tournament.


    Our academy offers a free demo class to determine the level of the student. It depends on the individual student. Usually, it takes one or two months from level 1 to 2.

    Better to spend more time on the chessboard. Playing with friends and other fun activities are recommended. Rather than learning too much theory. 

    Once the student is done with the basics, he or she can join in tournaments based on their level. 

    There are children who started as early as age of 5.

    Parents should provide all the necessary material. It is better if parents don’t interfere too much in training or learning. Give some space for the child to explore, make mistakes and learn independently. 

    Students should be comfortable with the trainer and there should be good rapport between the student and the trainer.

    It should be left to the student. If he or she enjoys practice then it is good. We should not impose things.

    Chess books are very useful. 

    If the student sets a goal for himself then it is good. Parents and Trainers should not set any goals for the student. 

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