#1 How to determine the level? How much more time is required for their child to climb to the next level?

Our academy offers a free demo class to determine the level of the student. It depends on the individual student. Usually, it takes one or two months from level 1 to 2. 

#2 How to go with practice?

Better to spend more time on the chessboard. Playing with friends and other fun activities are recommended. Rather than learning too much theory. 

#3 When to join in the tournaments or should we wait till the child learn opening or end game lessons?

Once the student is done with the basics, he or she can join in tournaments based on their level. 

#4 What is the best age to start playing chess?

There are children who started as early as age of 5.

#5 How important is the role of a parent? What can I do to help my child’s progress in chess?

Parents should provide all the necessary material. It is better if parents don’t interfere too much in training or learning. Give some space for the child to explore, make mistakes and learn independently. 

#6 How important is it to get the right trainer for my child?

Students should be comfortable with the trainer and there should be good rapport between the student and the trainer.

#7 How important is it for the student to practice regularly?

It should be left to the student. If he or she enjoys practice then it is good. We should not impose things.

#8 Are chess books useful? Which books to buy?

Chess books are very useful. Click here for our recommendations. (link)

#9 Which are the important chess websites?

www.lichess.org Click here for our recommendations. (link)

#10 How important is goal-setting in chess?

If the student sets a goal for himself then it is good. Parents and Trainers should not set any goals for the student.